Cisco Contact Center Integration Services


Cisco CVP (for IVR development)

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal combines open-standards support for speech with intelligent application development and industry-best call control to deliver personalized self-service to callers-either as a standalone interactive-voice-response (IVR) system or transparently integrated with a contact center.

Java Media Framework (JMF) API

Cisco Unified IP IVR (for IVR development)

Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR) is designed to enhance the efficiency of your organization by simplifying business process integration, increasing flexibility, and providing efficiency gains in network hosting. Enabled by the Cisco Unified Communications backbone, and tightly integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Unified Routing Rules Interface (CURRI)

Dashboards & Wallboards

The Unified Intelligence Center interface is organized by dashboards. Dashboards are web pages that display reports, scheduled reports, sticky notes, and web-based elements, such as URLs and web widgets, that are relevant to specific workflows and responsibilities.


Cisco CUIC Reporting

With Cisco Unified Intelligence Center, you can create a comprehensive information portal where Contact Center reports and dashboards can be developed and shared throughout your organization. With this flexible and intuitive web-based reporting platform, you can easily report on relevant business data. Unified Intelligence Center provides a dashboard-based canvas for grouping multiple reporting objects together, offering a comprehensive view of contact center statistics at a glance.

Java Media Framework (JMF) API

Cisco Finesse

Cisco Finesse is a next-generation agent and supervisor desktop designed to provide a collaborative experience for the various communities that interact with your customer service organization. It helps improve the customer experience while offering a user-centric design to enhance customer care representative satisfaction as well. For IT professionals, Cisco Finesse offers transparent integration with Cisco Collaboration portfolio. It is standards compliant, and offers low cost of customization of the agent and supervisor desktops.

Cisco Unified Routing Rules Interface (CURRI)


The Computer Telephony Integration Object Server (CTIOS) is Cisco's next generation customer contact integration platform. CTIOS combines a powerful, feature-rich server and an object-oriented software development toolkit to enable rapid development and deployment of complex CTI applications in Java, .NET, COM or C++. Together with the Cisco CTI Server Interface, CTIOS and Client Interface Library (CIL) create a high performance, scalable, fault-tolerant three-tiered CTI architecture.


CTI Server Protocol for UCCX & GED188 for UCCE

The Computer Telephony Integration Server (CTI Server) provides a socket level interface for integrating CTI Applications to Cisco Unified ICM and Contact Center Enterprise/Hosted. This interface is called the CTI Server Protocol (GED-188). The CTI Server makes call data available to applications in real-time. To accomplish this task, the CTI Server process responds to requests from clients and originates unsolicited messages. All messages share a common message header and use the same set of data types.

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